Monday, November 13, 2006


Day 6....still no voice.

This morning I noticed that my neighbors are now just waving to me. The words are gone. They have stopped trying to talk to my altogether. Aren't hand gestures enough to keep the relationship rolling with them? (she said in a snit)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Doogie Howser MD

So hubby has come home with the babies. This is what our conversation looked like as he breezed by on the way to watch the Pats.

"So what have you been up to all morning?" (hubby)

"I read the Courant, clipped some coupons, watched a little HGTV, started a blog..." (Little Miss)

"A blog??" (hubby)

"Yeah, a blog. Like what Doogie Howser did at the end of each show." (Little Miss)

"You mean that guy from that show we like that just came out?" (hubby)

"That's the guy" (Little Miss)

"Why would you want to be a teeneaged doctor?" (hubby)

Girlie Friends in the Real World

After living in Connecticut for almost one year I still am lonely for adult girlie friends. I only have one actual local girlfriend, a couple of good acquaintances and a bunch of girls that I just know. Lame. I know.

How come my six year old girlie in training made seven new little friends on her first day of kindergarten and I can't seem to make any friends after a full year? Why are us big girlies so guarded? Why do we compete to see who is the busiest mommy? If we are all guarded and busy, then how dies anyone make any friends.

I'm thinking about taking out a personally add. I think it should read something like this;

mwf 31 ns seeks similar mf to be a best buddy
must be relaxed yet goofy, intelligent not stuffy, love her hubby and babies
hiking and scrapbooking is optional
should be available to call 3 X/week and hang-out at least 1X/week
Gilmore Girls fans and wine drinkers encouraged to apply

So in reality I would probably only get wierdo, creepy guys to answer. So sad.

I do want to end my first post on a high note. I should mention that I am not one of the mommy girlies that is always trying to be busy. As a matter of fact my hubby has taken the babies out to see his parents for the morning to give me alone time to rest my voice (did I mention that I lost my voice 4 days ago?). I got the best hubby in the world (sorry single girlies). I really like him and look up to him.

That's enough gushing. My hubby is my high note.