Monday, September 29, 2008

It's The Great Pumpkin

Remember when you were a kid and ate a piece of fruit with seeds. Watermelon, apples, plums... Then you would get the lofty idea that you could dig a little hole in the backyard, pop in the seed and suddenly a full-grown fruit tree would appear.

OK, maybe that was just me.
That fruit planting gene must have been passed down to Little Guy. Countless apple seeds have been buried in the yard. A bag filled with watermelon seeds sits in the garage waiting for spring planting.

Last spring Little Guy spied a seed display and ran towards the pumpkin seeds. "Mummy, we can grow our own jack-o-lanterns!"

So we planted the seeds. And forgot about them. Until now.

Those innocent looking pumpkin seeds not only sprouted, but the chutes are twelve plus feet long and filled with yellow flowers.
The best part is that we grew an actual pumpkin! OK, so it's only one pumpkin. But it's a doozy!

One big, orange, round pumpkin! Bigger than a basketball and all because of Little Guy's and a 69 cent package of seeds.

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