Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everyday Plastic

Hi, my name is Gruppie and my kids like to eat lunch meat.

Hi Gruppie.

OK, so I buy the antibiotic-free lunch meat. Still, it's loaded with nitrates and other yuckies...I know. One of the worst features of lunch meat is all of the plastic that it comes wrapped in.

The other day Hubby was off to the local food store when he mentioned that the kids wanted lunch meat and sliced cheese. "Oooohh, perfect!" I had been meaning to bring my reusable glass containers to the deli, but kept forgetting. Now Hubby could be the perfect guinea pig.

The brave hunter gatherer came back from the store with two reusable glass containers filled with turkey and cheese. "They looked at me funny" was all that Hubby said.

What do all of you other plastic-haters do with the deli price sticker? Do you allow the friendly meat cutters to stick it onto the glass container only so you can spend the first ten minutes after you arrive home picking at it? Or do you do something entirely more intelligent?


JessTrev said...

I just leave it there and send it through the dishwasher, then stick the next one on the same spot. Really, though, we should be able to figure out an alternative!

Gruppie Girl said...

Thanks for the tip Jess!

Juli said...

My experience is limited- only done this once! I had them wrap my cheese in paper (no container) and stick the label to the paper. I transferred the cheese to a container at home.

Maybe they could stick it to the wax paper liner on the inside of the container?

Erikka said...

stick it on your finger for you to then stick...on say a fruit plastic bag or where ever is convenient for you?