Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Wanna Stapler

An author. My Little five year-old guy has proclaimed himself an author.
Little Guy has spent his non-beach hours drawing on scrap paper and then attaching the pages together with stickers. This method of bookbinding is not one that is sure to catch on since really only the top and the bottom pages stay stuck.

Like any good amateur author/bookbinder Little Guy has requested a stapler.

The chance to buy a new green, stapleless stapler that punches the layers of papers sounded fun to me. Where would a girl in the 'burbs think to look for this eco-stapler?

Staples? That was exactly what I was looking for, so why not shop in a store with the product in the name. Also, the ads claim that shopping there is "easy."

Lies I tell you. After talking to three separate sales associates I was told that Staples does not carry staple-free staples.

This stinks of irony.

What is a budding author with green thoughts to do?

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