Saturday, August 16, 2008

Maybe I Don't Get It

Yesterday Hubby called me up and suggested that the family make a trek to the movie theater that night. Long week...stormy night...WALL-E was still playing locally.

Cute little robot. G rating. None of the usual violence. It was a go.

Partly because I am cheap and partly because the idea of creating excess trash disturbs me, I usually bring the BIG PURSE to the movie theater. SIGG bottles filled with water. Cloth bags filled with air-popped popcorn. "We are not opening the big purse until the lights go out." You get the idea...

Yesterday I made the mistake of going to the theater hungry and way too tired to prepare. "Yes kids, you can get the three-in-one snack tray. Yes, I would love extra butter on my popcorn. May I please have a trough of soda?"

Then the movie started.

Then my guilt started.

WALL-E is a sweet cautionary tale of a time when the earth is too polluted to support human or plant life. People live in a space ship confined to chairs with television screens perpetually in front of their faces. Bones have shrunk from generations of misuse and humans have lost the ability to walk or even use their arms.

The only "living" things left on earth are a surprisingly lovable cockroach and the cutest little robot that was left behind for the past 705 years in an attempt to clean the earth.

A love store ensues, of course, and there is lots of tame action.

Color me surprised.

Here I was, sitting in the theater. Clutching my three used napkins and plastic straw. Assuming that I was going to be entertained by the usual dancing princesses or talking race cars.

Oh no. I've just been horrified about the future health of the earth by a children's movie. Are cartoons allowed to slap you in the face like that? Somebody unfreeze Mr. Disney. Quick!

In my family's two hours at the movies, we created nearly a half of a bag of trash. More than we created all week at our house.

So what if we try to act as environmentally responsible as we can at home if that all goes out the window as soon as we close the front door.

When WALL-E hits on-demand and DVD, I completely recommend you take a look. Even if you don't have anyone in the house under the age of ten, this movie can be a true wake-up call.

And, I promise that you will have a completely different perspective on cockroaches. Aren't they sooo cute?

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dolphyngyrl said...

Personally, I think cute, cartoony warning messages may be a big part of what it takes. Think about all those kids whose parents' idea of "green" is "hey, it all made it into the garbage can and not on the street".. These kids will see this movie and the message may get ingrained in there and maybe when they're grown ups, they can start making their own decisions about how they want to take care of their planet.