Friday, November 28, 2008

End of a Good Run

Just over a year ago I decided to really kick-up my family's commitment to conserving electricity. Every month our kilowatt hours slid further down and the reading the newest electric bill was a pleasant experience. Replacing conventional bulbs with CFL bulbs, unplugging unused appliances, showering in the dark. All of those changes added-up in a great way.

The newest Gruppie family electric bill arrived this week. It's flat. No change from November 2007. Bummer.
So how do I kick my electric usage even lower? Threaten the kids when they don't turn off their lights? Stop watching reality shows? Become a raw foodist? I'm open for suggestions.


Erikka said...

are your major appliances energy efficient? yes getting new ones stinks and costs money and may not be most efficient but if they are old they may be wasting a lot of energy and money you would make up for with new ones.

Gruppie Girl said...

My kitchen appliances are three years old. They aren't the most efficient models, but they are way too new to upgrade just yet.

My dryer may be older than dirt...I'm counting the days (OK, it may have to be months) until we can get a more efficent dryer.