Monday, December 1, 2008

The Last Supper

Ever since the weather turned frigid and the growing season ended, I have been out of ideas as to what to cook for my family. "Grilled cheese and clementines again Mummy?"

It used to be easy. The CSA would give me a bag of veggie each week. Each week I would plan recipes around the veggies in the bag. We would eat them. Easy smeashy.

Now I walk into the grocery store and are greeting with millions of possibilities. Too many for me to even want to chose from. Often it's just chicken pot pie again. And again.

If I was a smarter Gruppie or I possibly lived back in 1765 I would know just how to preserve those summer veggies to last all winter long. In fact, learning how to preserve food is on my it's too cold to go outside so I might as well learn something new agenda.

Last week I dug deep into the depths of my cabinet and emerged with two small sweet potatoes and a clove of garlic left over from the farm. I took them and made a Real Simple recipe of sweet potato risotto.

Yummy....Still, the question lingers. What do I cook for dinner tonight?

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Late Bloomer said...

The risotto looks yummy! As for what to cook tonight - you should check out Laura is hosting a Dark Days Eat Local Challenge and posts a weekly recap linking to participants' blogs.

There have been some very delicious recipes featured and participants are broken down into "regions" (Midwest, South, East, West, Canada) so you can pick recipes that are most likely to be calling for the ingredients you have locally available.

Good luck!