Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Handmade Toys in Danger

I am a huge fan of handmade toys. The ladies who sell their sweet dollys craft shows always pull me in. The older men who create trucks out of wood call to me. The online sellers of Etsy who dream up original toys set me in a trace for hours at a time. I myself even once had a small business selling wooden toys.

All of that may come to an end very soon.
The large toy companies who have knowingly allowed nasty chemicals to be included in our children's toys have spoiled the fun for everyone. In just a few weeks a new law will mandate all toys to go through a $4000 safety test before they can be sold to American children.

This $4000 per toy fee would include the stay-at-home mom who sews while her babies nap. This fee would include the part-time person who is making a go at importing toys to sell online. This $4000 per toy fee would give all of the power to the big guys.

So what's the answer? Allow the big guys to continue to make unsafe toys and import them? Put all of the little guys out of business? There has to be an answer.

Please take a moment to read about Diane's thought over at dkMommy Spot. She has posted a great video and lots of additional compelling facts about the issue.

If you feel as upset about the possible loss of handmade toys forever, please sign the petition to save handmade toys.


Jezamyn said...

The link to the petition doesn't work.

Diane said...

Thank you for informing your readers too, Gruppie Girl! I really believe we can change this if we're loud enough. I can't imagine next Christmas with this law in place.

Gruppie Girl said...

Jezamyn~Thanks for bringing the problem to my attention. The link is now fixed.