Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aww Snap!

A few months ago I received an email from a friendly person who own a Zero VOC paint company. She wanted to know if I wanted to try her paint in exchange for a review.

"Yes", I told her. This was my perfect excuse to finally paint my bedroom.

In my adult life (I'm an adult already. Right?) I have never decorated my bedroom in any way. No paint. No art. Not even a headboard. All of my time, effort and money has gone into the kid's rooms and the common areas of the house. Woe is me....I'm always last.

With the prospect of a fresh coat of paint I spent an entire week choosing the perfect big-girl bed for Hubby and myself. (With my track record, it will be with use well-past our 60th wedding anniversary) Tall and simple. Sturdy and rich. Perfect.

The seemingly friendly paint people offered to give me color suggestions for my upcoming project. "Just send us photos." Simple sounding.

After not hearing from the paint people for months, an email appeared in my inbox. Apparently they had blogged about my disastrous decorating. The photos of my bedroom had been posted for all the world to see! In the style of a sorority horror film, these friendly people took out their red pens and circled the particularly heinous areas of the room!

In the immortal words of Hannah Montana, "Aww Snap!" They got me.


dolphyngyrl said...

Well, I don't think that was very cool to do without discussing it with you first. But it didn't seem like they were too terrible. Especially if you didn't do the original painting.

They should have discussed it with you first, and possibly discussed how they feel you should paint it, give you the chance to do it, and then post "look how awesome" pictures. That would have been much more above-board, if you ask me.

Sofiabugmom said...

Whoa! Major tacky on their part! Did Gretchen Schauffler at least give you the paint numbers for the photos she posted?

Erikka said...

Wait...they did that without your permission? What a mean trick. If they told you they were going to use it as a demo for how to remodel, that's one thing, but geesh, no tricks...

Gruppie Girl said...

Yup. I wasn't asked AND the paint colors (or actual paint cans) were not shared with me.

I got duped...Why or why am I so trusting of people on the internet??