Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Geography Lesson

A few months ago I learned about "stalker software" that can be attached to a blog. No, that's not really the name. It just feels like I am being a stalker when I check the site.

I truly write my blog for myself. My sweet readers are just gravy. I don't have any interest in checking to see how many people look at Gruppie Girl or how long they stay. Those things aren't important to me. One feature that I do enjoy checking is the map feature.

There is a cute little map icon on the stalker software site that allows me to see where the past 500 readers hail from.

I play well in New England, New York and New Jersey. Many of my readers come from the west coast too. In fact, I have readers from 49 states. Sorry Utah.

Maybe if I type the word "Utah" enough some friendly Utahans (is that what they call themselves?) will give Gruppie Girl a read. Utah Utah Utah Utah Utah!

Many of my readers hail from Ireland, Spain and Australia. All places that I would love to visit someday.

More readers are from the UK, France and Italy. All places I visited in my junior year of high school during one of those whirlwind student group tours. I loved every second of my trip and would love to relive it.

Southern Canadian readers come back to visit often. Personally, I have only crossed the border into Canada once on. It was a do-nothing afternoon in New Hampshire with a college boyfriend. He apparently misunderstood what the word "arete" meant...the octagonal red sign wasn't a clue...and were were briefly detained by the mounted police. Eventually we arrived a played pool all afternoon with a French speaking couple. Obviously, my boyfriend had no grasp of French.

Then there are cities and countries that have proved to be a geography lesson for me.

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I can point to it. Nah, nah de boo bo...

Hyderabad, India. Right near the middle of India.

Auckland, New Zealand. Near the northern tip of New Zealand. And a place I learned a lot about in my reading education classes.

Cairo, Egypt. My uncle and his family were stationed there for almost four years in the nineties. He brought back photos of a golf course with a view of the pyramids in the background.

Singapore. Think far, far east.

Zagreb, Croatia. Start in Italy and swim north east to arrive in Croatia.

Warsaw, Poland. We have a family friend form Poland and quite a few of Girlie's friends are originally from Poland.

How's that for a silver lining? I spend my days blogging away about finding my balance in life between being green and being a yuppie and here I am a little more worldly.


Anonymous said...

Cool feature! And greetings from one of your Canadian readers...although I'm nowhere near Quebec. :-)

diamond*diva said...

Your Utah typing must of worked, because here I am:)