Monday, May 5, 2008

Stay Wee

Growing-up, my parents liked to push on my head and exclaim "stay wee." They didn't want me to grow-up and I could never understand why. Growing-up was so exciting. New Experiences...what could be better?

My Little Guy turned five on Saturday. Now, it's my turn to push on his little strawberry head and tell him to stay wee. I really mean it.

During one of my head pushing sessions Little Guy asked if he could start to eat ice cream for every meal. Then, he surmised, he wouldn't grow and could stay little forever. I wish.

For the birthday party update, my KISS rule worked smashingly. Two hours and I was done. No cleaning, no cooking, no decorating.

Hope over at A Little Imagination made the most beautiful cake ever. I asked her to KISS and this is what she came up with. Creative people blow my mind.

Instead of goodie bags, I skipped the waste and instead gave each child a Mr. Birthday book. (Thanks for the idea Jen!) The indoor jumpy place cleaned-up after the party and even corralled the gifts.

Even though I may have overdone the jumping...skinned my elbow...tweaked my neck...A wonderful time was had by all! Indoor jumpy places weren't created for just the five year-olds to have all of the fun.

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Hope said...

I'm glad everything went well! And thanks for the shout out, I really appreciate it :)