Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pimpin' Out the Kids

Today I pimped out the kids. Yeah. I said it. I'm not above pimping them out for votes.

I wiped their little faces and even put a tie on Little Guy. Then, I brought them to my local polling place to wave and hold up signs.

After Little Guy's graduation (nursery school), we went back out there to grab the after high school crowd. Little Guy waved and smiled for almost an hour. All of the teenaged girls waved back and giggled. A few of the high school boys waved. All of of the bus drivers waved (Little Guy loves school buses). Most of the adults waved too.

Who can say "no" to a wanna-be mayor disguised as five year-old redhead?

Now, I wonder how many of those waving people voted in favor of the skimpy budget? Fingers crossed.
UPDATE: We won the battle, but lost the war. In the polling place where I pimped out Little Guy, the yes votes in favor of the budget won. Unfortunately, in the other pollling places, the no votes won.

1 comment:

Ruth Dynamite said...

Next time I'll pimp out my kids with your kids.

If only that's all it would take to support our schools!