Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buy This Book!

My good friend, neighbor and drinking buddy Ruth Cullen has just written a new book....and it's GREEN!
This book began as an assignment from Ruth's publishing company and grew into a lifestyle for her entire family. A few of Ruth's new green habits have been noticeable to all of us neighborhood girls. The mini van was traded in for a more fuel efficient vehicle, cloth shopping bags on the front seat of her new little car, a metal coffee mug in the cup holder and her kids haven't been bathed all summer. What a savings!

The Little Green Handbook is just that, a little handbook. The book is easy enough to slide into your locally made purse or your organic denim jeans pocket. Each page of the book contains one of 145 simple steps to save the planet. The steps give ideas for change and many even contain website links.

The Handbook is different from other green books because it isn't preachy or overwhelming. Like I'm really going to dig my own well and then spend a bazillion dollars to get off of the grid. I need tips that I can really use. A few of my favorite tips include:

*Reversing your ceiling fans to follow the seasons
*Use cloth diapers...don't contain harmful chemicals, don't pollute the water supply, and looked so very cute on my babies bottoms
*Try natural remedies...Who knew that tea and rosemary repels fleas from pets?
*An entire green office section
*Use a rainbarell...I LOVE my rainbarell
*Give green gifts...spread the word

Speaking of green gifts, this book would be a great present to give to a friend who is thinking about greening their lives. I'm planning on giving it to my parents. My father is going a little more green every day, yet the format will make it a perfect read for a person who is dyslexic.

The Little Green Handbook will be in stores and online starting August 15th.


Erikka said...

interesting...there are a lot of these easy, down-to-earth (haha) guides coming out of late. i have one called Green Chic.

maybe send me your friends email or blog or you could send her mine. I'd do a review of the book and a raffle on my site if she is interested in generating some audience. (or you could just take this idea and do it too, she is your friend. i don't want to steal her :) )

Ruth Dynamite said...

WOW! Thanks Lady Gruppie, oh Queen of Green! It is you who inspires the masses to shape up, ecologically speaking. Thank you for setting the example! Cheers!