Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Look Mum, I Grew it Myself

I admit that I am easily amused. My potted veggies have been a big source of amusement lately.
Those boring little seedlings have grown into actual vegetables. No magic, no hard work, no extra praying. As a suburban girl, this concept is completely wondrous.

Hot peppers, green beans and teeny tiny cucumbers. Oh my!

Cute little green beans
(The family will be feasting on all 13 of those beans tonight...Remind me to plant more than 2 seedlings next year.)

Happy little green pepper
(Excuse the blurry photo. Note to Hubby~ Add camera to my Christmas list.

Portugal Hot Peppers
(I can't believe how well these are growing!)

Teeny-weeny cuccumber

(You may have to squint to see it)

1 comment:

Erikka said...

congrats on your green success! those plants look happy. :)