Thursday, July 10, 2008

If You're Fond of Sand Dunes and Salty Air....

Last weekend I moved my flat butt all the way from the local lake over to the beach on Cape Cod. Whew! Tough move on my part.
Jen (a loyal reader and beach chatter) and Gruppie

I am no stranger to the beaches of Cape Cod. As a kid I spent my summers in a cottage near West Dennis beach. My mummy, brother and myself would "beach it" all week long while my dad came down on the weekends. In my teenage and college years the beach became less about swimming and more about looking good and socializing. Life has come 180 degrees and now I'm spending my time watching my own kids prune in the ocean.

This weekend Hubby, the kids and me took the now longer (3 hour) trip to the cottage for the long Fourth of July weekend. Lots have stayed the same about my little sandy road while lots more have changed.

My parents are now the old timers on the street. When I was a kids my parents were the young ones. The street is now filled with kids. When I was a kid I only had my baby brother to play with. The cottages used to be bare bones and now they are decked out with cable TV and washing machines.

As for the same, the "street people" still all hang out together for barbecues with baked beans and cole slaw. Everyone still ventures to my dad's shed to visit his kegarator. No one comes over until my mummy's shade is raised. Still the same.

Here's to another summer doing lots of the same and different!

Neighborhood Children's 4th of July parade.

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