Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life's A Beach

Everyday since school let out last Friday at 1:15 my little Gruppie butt has been firmly placed in a beach chair on the sand with my toes dangling in the lake water. That's it.

In less than a week of my "beaching it" my middle has already grown and is starting to pop out of my tankini. My senses have been dulled by idle chit chat and chick lit. My leg muscles are weak and I can only comfortably walk as far as the snack bar.

All of my wonderful, healthy meal planning has been tossed out the window. Replaced by take-out pizza and ice cream shaped like a superheros. The kids may have forgotten what a veggie looks like.

When did it become socially acceptable for a 30 something mom to spend her days wearing halter tops and swim skirts while discussing the merits of local nail salons?

One more week until camp starts. Then I'll start hiking, biking and cooking. OK, maybe I'll start slow and buy the one ice cream selection from the vending machine with nuts in it. Nuts are good for you. Right?


Marie Louise said...

Hey - do you think a 40 something mom can wear halter tops and swim skirts. Sounds like you had a wonderful week - sign me up!

Gruppie Girl said...

Marie Louise~ Rock that tankini girl! Aren't you in CT too? Come on over to the lake....we can compare swim skirts and have a beer.

Marie Louise said...

What lake is that? I grew up in Bolton and there's a lake there. I'm in Tolland now - a few puddles but no lake!