Monday, June 9, 2008

Here Comes the Yuppie

I live in the northeastern part of the US. The part that is supposed to have four seasons. One of those seasons is the season formerly known as Spring.

Today the heat index climbed to 105 and the actual high temperature was 98 degrees. Seriously! Didn't my friendly local meteorologist get the memo that spring in New England is not supposed to feel like this?

I just know that I am going to have global warming nightmares tonight...again! Hiking to the Twinkie factory to find the only food left on looking like George Hamilton...scary stuff!

Somewhere I read that the vineyard owners from California were buying-up land in Connecticut in preparation for advancing global warming. The climate of Connecticut is supposed to be similar to that of California wine country in just a few short years. Positive = local wine. Negative = world burning up.

So here I am today. Reading about the residents of NYC and how the power they used today was the more than they used any day last year. Demand isn't lessening and alternative sources aren't coming fast enough.

As for me in today's heat: I hung the laundry out to dry. The ceiling fan is cranking. The kids have been shooed away from the TV. And still, here I am dependant on my central AC. The yuppie in me complete with my make-up and dry arm pits is fighting with the granola me and my love of low consumption. Today the yuppie mostly won.

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Jarreau J said...

Nice post...I was driving on storrow two weeks ago and my tempertaure gauage read 100 degrees outside...ouch

Needless to say, AC and a couple bottles of Voigner were absolutely appropriate...if that makes a yuppie...cheers to that!