Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What To Do

I try. I really, really try to keep the earth in the forefront of my mind all of the time. The problem is that there seems to be some mystical meanies working against me. (Ooh..remind me to blog about friendly ghosts soon)

When we bought our home nearly three years ago the yard was a blank slate. The rest of the homes in the neighborhood had been there for the past sixty to one hundred plus years and had yards to match. Lilacs as tall as Big Bird. Pine trees that could rival any skyscraper. Veggie gardens with layers of loose compost that could yield an eggplant as long as Dirk Digglers Dingle.

My poor little yard was sort of green with a bunch of weeds thrown in for good measure. The only plant was the one poor little tree that we planned on letting Little Guy hack down and eventually replace.

I discovered the local nurseries and mail order catalogs. First, was a perennial garden that promised three seasons of colors (lies I tell you). Next were shrubs to keep my power-hungry neighbor from mowing and fertilizing twenty feet into my yard. Then, came more flowers and more shrubs. Finally, lots and lots of mulch was purchased and protectively placed around my tender new plants.

And all of it came wrapped in non-recyclable plastic. Plastic!

In my attempt to cut down on my family's carbon footprint I inadvertently created more waste. The trash barrels were filled to the brim. Oh the guilt!

I know that a few companies sell their plants in degradable containers. I have read a lot about these wonderful containers but I have yet to see one in real life.

Now to the cream cheese question....

Little Guy is allergic to the additives in conventional cream cheese. (weird I know) He can only eat organic cream cheese. So off I go to my local health food store feeling pretty good about myself because not only am I buying organic, I'm supporting a local business owner and walking to the store. Then I saw the package. #5!

Why would the friendly people at Horizon Organics package their organic cream cheese in yucky #5 plastic? Not only is this plastic not recyclable in my town, it may leach into food.

The friendly local store owner Barbra says that she has complained to her distributors with no luck. She is unable to buy another brand at her small shop and Horizon won't change it's packaging.

What is a girl to do? Why am I always choosing between the lesser of two evils in the name of the earth? Maybe a cow would help. Anyone have a good recipe for cream cheese?

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