Thursday, June 5, 2008

Utah in the House

Recently I blogged about my love for the map feature on my "stalker software." It has been a great geography lesson for me.

I have learned about far away places like Ljubljana Slovenia, Tallinn Estonia, Viborg Denmark, Hong Kong and the Isle of Man in the UK. Connecticut is getting a little boring. Can I come visit? Anyone? Anyone? Buller?

In the same post I mentioned that Gruppie Girl had readers hailed from forty-nine states. Sorry Utah.
Update: Utah is in the house! Readers from Provo, Lindon and Lapoint have stopped by! Diamond*Diva even took a minute to leave a comment.

Welcome Utah! Hello from Connecticut!


Hope said...

Ooohhhh, now I want stalker software too :)

Which one are you using? Since you obviously like it.

Gruppie Girl said...

Hope~ I use Stat Counter. It is free and pretty basic, but it works great for me.

Happy stalking!