Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Planet Green is Coming!

Just what I need. Another excuse for my DVR to run overtime and for me to spend too much time glued to the TV.

I can't wait!

A few weeks ago Discovery teased us with a preview of a new network they are launching. Planet Green. Cool beans!

The little ones and I watched a show (or three hours) on the Planet Green network preview. My favorite show is called Wa$ted.

Host Annabelle Gurwitch (haven't I seen her someplace else?) finds families who are wasteful and then breaks their lifestyle down for them to really see their impact. One months worth of trash dumped on the lawn perhaps? Then, the show maps the footprint that this one small family has made on the earth. This particular family's impact was something like 200 times their land mass.

Eventually perky Annabelle teaches the family how to make less impact. She follows up a few weeks later and SURPRISE the family has changed their ways.

Contrived? Yes. Interesting to a family like mine? Yes! Yes!

Looking on the Planet Green website there are lots of other new shows to pick from. Living With Ed is Back! Adrian Grenier has a show...I don't know what Adrian's show is about, but I guess that most any woman from the ages of 12 to 100 is sure to want to watch him weekly. Mean Green Machines should be a big hit with Hubby and Little Guy. Even Bill Nye has his own show on Planet Green.

Back when hubby and I visited Las Vegas we were asked to be lab rats for a show called Reverend Gadget. Flea (I think) from the Red Hot Chili Peppers brought his car into a shop run by an eclectic crew, including Reverend Gadget. The car (maybe vintage) was converted into an electric car. Apparently Flea is very environmentally conscious and has a solar system on his house. The sun collected on his roof would run his car. The show was a really interesting for people who like cars, music buffs and us gruppies. Fingers crossed that Reverend Gadget gets picked-up by Planet green too.

Because 900 channels just isn't enough anymore, today I called my cable representative to ask if I would be receiving Planet Green. The meanie told me that I will NOT be receiving planet Green. He would put in a request to corporate, but couldn't promise anything.

Five minutes later my now friendly cable representative called back to say that he checked into Planet Green and I WILL in fact be receiving the channel starting next week. Channel 113 to be exact for those of you in central Connecticut.

Hmmm? What do you think my carbon footprint will be if I watch planet Green all summer?

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