Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Come Visit My Compost Bin

I have an issue with reality shows. Seriously, it's getting bad.

My reality bug started with Survivor. It was summer, I was very pregnant, it was a wonderful relationship between Survivor and me. Seven years later I still plan my Thursday nights around Survivor.

Fast forward to this summer. In walks my new addiction to reality shows. Celebrity reality shows. The Two Corys, Tori and Dean Inn Love, Scott Baio is 45 and Single. Feel free to groan.

My favorite of the celebrity reality shows deserves it's own paragraphs. It is much different from the others because I don't feel like I am watching a train wreck. Instead I am actually learning something and looking up to a celebrity. Living with Ed!

Each week I dutifully DVR Living With Ed and savor every minute. The kids actually look forward to Living With Ed and they will sit quietly with couch while we watch.

Sometimes I daydream about Ed and Rochelle coming to my house with a shiny new wind turbine and a solar hot water system. We will all clap as my electric meter runs in reverse. They will look through my cabinets and marvel at the lack of dangerous household cleaners. We will munch on an organic, locally grown fruit salad while gazing out onto the naturally fertilized lawn. When we are done with the fruit salad we will put our scraps into the compost bin and walk down to the river for a bit of exercise.

Then I wake up. Connecticut is too far away for Ed and Rochelle to drive in their electric car. Bummer.

A few weeks ago I wrote to Ed with a question and a comment. First, I needed a suggestion on how to get more light onto my kid's playhouse in the winter months. Next, I suggested that he profile cloth diapers. My hubby thinks I'm a little loony for doing this.

Guess what?

Ed wrote back.

OK, so maybe it was someone on his staff. But, it sure looked like it was Ed who wrote to me. My hubby just shrugged when I told him that a movie star sent me an email. Me: "Aren't you surprised?" Hubby: "It's been eleven years. I'm used to you by now." And here I thought that I could make him jealous. Bummer again.

Anyway, here is the response.

Hi Gruppie Girl - thanks for the kind words. A couple of thoughts on the playhouse - Skylight? That would be good. For nighttime though, battery powered lights? Also, how about solar backyard lights. They can put them out in the yard during the day and then bring them into the playhouse at night. I use them on my walkway and they work great. If you really want to put a panel on the playhouse, they make small camping kits like that - I saw one by Coleman at Costco the other day that was pretty cool - and also Fry's Electronics had one. You can order them on-line too. As far as diapers go, I'm all for that - especially if they're organic cotton! Thanks for the idea.

I am still floating on air!

As for the playhouse, I found a small solar light with suction cups to keep it on the window. That will have to do until the kids get their wind-up LED flashlights for Christmas (shhhh. It's a surprise)

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