Monday, October 22, 2007

Let's Chat About the Weather

So I don't generally like to talk about the weather. I am in my early 30's and weather chat shouldn't come into play until I'm in my 60's. At least!

With all of that said I am completely FREAKING out that it is 80 degrees out today. Seriously, 80 degrees is Connecticut in late October.

I am still watering the new grass.
I am still wearing shorts and sandals.

I will NOT shave above the knees any longer.
I will NOT paint my toenails yet again.

The news is showing pictures of completely dried up lakes in Georgia and fires in California.

All of that news coverage must have caused the crazy dream I had...
Water was gone from everywhere. Only a few inches of water was left in my rain barrel. I was eternally grateful that I got a rain barrel for my last birthday because I knew our family could survive for a few more days on the water.

Then I woke up.

Maybe the kids and I will do a rain dance this afternoon. Do you think it will go with the music of Hannah Montana?

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