Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's the house

Yesterday was a crazy Saturday like every other crazy Saturday when my 7 year old has two play dates, my 4 year old is sick and we all decide to go shoe shopping thirty minutes away.

As my daughter and I were preparing to leave for play date number two, a High School Musical party of course, I decided to toss a load of laundry in. The family has been scrounging for their few clean clothes off of my window seat for the last week. Is that normal?

Anyway, I was running off to the car yelling something about birthday gifts and finding a card when my daughter ran into the basement guided by what I can only guess is our friendly ghost. "The ceiling is raining!"

That would be the understatement of the day!

My possessed, by our unfriendly ghost, washer decided to completely let go and flood not just the first floor of the house, but travel through the duct work, collapse two heating zones and flood the basement.

Ugh...thank goodness for global warming and the 80 degree forecast tomorrow.

Tonight I will dream of towels.

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