Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PTO Conspiracy

Being the involved Little Miss that I am, I stepped up to the elementary school's PTO and volunteered to collect these annoying little rectangles that you can find on cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, tissue boxes, etc. The name of those little rectangles shall remain anonymous.

Basically, the school asks the parents to cut-out their rectangles to earn "free" money that the PTO desperately needs. While I agree that the PTO really needs this money, I have to disagree that those little rectangles are free.

The rectangles come complete with a dotted edge and a drawing of a pair of scissors. Do the parents of the neighborhood school think these drawings are suggestions? Pretty pictures to look at? Do they lack the motor skills to actually cut on a dotted line? Are they just too lazy to care how all of those "special" programs come to their child's school?

Seriously folks...12+ hours of cutting (I have lost count) all for maybe $400 to be put into the PTO's coffers? This is crazy. I am not even close to being done.

Off to nurture my beautiful blisters.

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