Monday, November 26, 2007


My family has a new mantra. $560.


I'm still in shock.

$560 is the price of the bill that the friendly propane man handed me a few days ago to fill my tank 80% full.

"Shut the front door! $560!"

"Why did you turn the heat up? $560!"

"You've been in the shower an awfully long time! $560!"

Even my four year old knows that the propane cost $560 this month.

This is once in my life when my thyroid disease is coming in handy. Fifty degrees in the living room. Bring it on!

I do have to think that the high price in heating my home and all of the other homes in the US may have a silver lining. People who may not have paid much attention to their thermostat for the sake of saving the planet are now helping the planet without even knowing.

A little off topic, but I recently read on Treehugger that President Carter installed solar panels on the White House only to have them taken down by President Regan in an attempt to prove to the nation that we had all of the oil that we could ever need.

What would this country be like environmentally speaking if Carter just had a second term?

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dolphyngyrl said...




I am totally not going to complain about my heating bill this winter. Even if SweetPea insists on leaving the heater at 70 all night!