Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Not Another Top Toys List

Oh how I detest this time of the year when all I seem to see on morning television, read in the paper and hear people talking about are the top toys of the holiday season. Does anyone really buy that junk? These plastic monstrosities are bound for the bottom of a toy chest or the top of a lead toy recall.

I have to lay my cards on the table and be completely truthful. My children are completely spoiled.

I blame the grandmummies. My munchies are the only grandchildren on both sides. Both of the grandmummies love to shop. Their aunts love to shop. They have way too many friends come to their birthday parties and give thoughtful gifts.

The kids already have their own sets of golf clubs, a playhouse large enough for me to move into, bookcases of books and all of the clothes that two little people could ever wear. What is a mummy to do?

A couple years ago I sat down with both grandmas and we hashed out a holiday plan that worked for everyone's pocketbook without turning my little ones into spoiled monsters.

Now, the kids receive an experience from their grandmummies for each holiday.

Over the last few years the kids have gone to cooking class, learned how to rock climb and attended summer camp. All of the experiences were greatly appreciated by all.

This winter they will be either cross country skiing or ice skating. Shhhh...don't tell.

Living in the suburbs can be tough when you are doing your best not to turn your kids into tiny consumers.

Stay strong mummies and grandmummies!


dolphyngyrl said...

I love this idea!

Last year for her birthday, Monkey Do got a week at horse camp for her birthday. Excitement for weeks! Um, ok... there were about three whole months between getting the gift and going to horse camp. She loved it so so much! I think I might start instituting this suggestion with the next round of birthdays. Yay!

Diane said...

That's a great idea! It's an experience they'll always remember, and there's a new one around the corner every year. I'll have to remember this for when my son's a little older!