Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm A Gruppie

There. I said it. I'm a gruppie.

I may have made the word up, but I can't be completely sure of that.

The word comes out of necessity. On the outside you may look at me and say "yuppie." When you get to know me you may say "granola." So I live between two worlds.

My "yuppie" friends were grossed-out when they heard I was cloth diapering my babies. They were surprised to hear that I was firmly against male and female circumcision. They were puzzled to hear that I made my own cleaning products.

My "granola" friends balked at my love for high heals and cute purses. They shrugged at my golf hobby. They never understood my trendy clothes.

Just about everyone would stare in shock when I wore my babies in their tight slings while teetering in my 4 inch healed boots.

So here I am. Caught in the middle.

What is a gruppie like me to do?


DeSaint said...

I found your blog probably by error. It is not what I was looking for, not even close, but hey... that's what the Internet is all about. A happy error I can say for what I've found. I stopped and smelled the coffee, while I was reading your post. Caught in the middle caught me, as I feel the same way. Right in the middle of an intersection with so many ways to choose from, but still in the middle and no clue in this Technocracy World.

Gruppie Girl said...

DeSaint~I'm glad you found me! Who says mistakes have to be all bad?