Sunday, November 25, 2007


Everyone has a hypocritical moment here or there. Just because I can be self-deprecating, I thought that I would put my hypocritical moment of the day out there for all to see.

This morning Hubby, Girlie, Little Guy and myself all went over to the pool for some family fun and exercise. Afterwards we decided to go see the movie Enchanted. (The best movie I have seen in a long time!) Since there wasn't much time between the pool and the movie we headed toward Old McDonald's for lunch.

At home we eat mostly organically and don't eat red meat. I am also not a big fan of bringing licenced characters into our home. Still the Little Munchies get a new licenced character toy every time we hit Old McDonald's.

After we were done eating our meals I noticed that the kids hadn't touched their "toxic meal" boxes and we were just going to toss them. So I brought the boxes back up to the counter. "We barely touched these boxes and I don't want to just toss them. Maybe you could use them for your next customers?"

The two ladies behind the counter gave me two very vacant stares.

I'm guessing that I am the first Old McDonald's customer that tried to use one of the three R's and pulled out "reuse" in their restaurant.

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Diane said...

I remember back in the days of the Styrofoam containers trying to tell the people at the drive-thru I'd take my quarter pounder in just the paper wrapping. Boy oh boy, you can't believe the stink it caused! Almost every time, I had someone not want to GIVE ME MY SANDWICH without the foam box! Now of course, they're all in paper. Too bad what's in the paper is so yucky! (But hey, I still eat 'em every now and then too. Darnit.)