Monday, February 11, 2008

The Big Reveal

Does anyone else have a bunch of random skills that they have accumulated over the years and probably will never get to use? One of my random skills comes from my high school days as a radio DJ on WHHB. That experience has been completely useless....until now.

I'm going to be on the radio this week!

Dr. Gary Ginsberg, author of What's Toxic, What's Not called me a few weeks ago to talk about his new radio show. The show talk about a few different green topics each week. The new show is promised to be quick paced and interesting.

Gary's radio show will be on Saturdays from 4:00 to 6:00 on WTIC 1080. For those in the Hartford area, you can listen on your radio. For those who don't live in the Nutmeg State, you can listen online.

If all goes well, fingers crossed, Gary has asked me to come back as a regular guest.

Now, what to chat about? I haven't carried on a conversation for more than a minute at a time sine my Girlie was born. Will I remember how? Will I forget the mechanics of the English language? What if I talk so fast that I finish in 37 seconds? What if no one calls in?

If you are looking for something to do on Saturday afternoon, please tune in between 5:00 and 6:00 to hear me, Gruppie Girl, stutter, forget how to speak English, say inappropriate things and possibly get heckled. Hey, it's all fun and games until someone forgets to recycle.


Erikka said...

I love that you spelled finish like this 'finnish.' The Fins would be so proud of you.

Nicey said...

Keep on doing what you keep on doing !!

Gruppie Girl said...

I wish that I knew a Fin or two.

I cannot spell. Even have even been known to misspell my own name on occasion. If I were in school today it would probably be diagnosed as a learning disability.

When will Blogger fix that spell check poor readers.

Ruth Dynamite said...

Wahoo! This is awesome. I'll definitely be tuning in! You go, Gruppie Girl!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better - I will be tuning in via the internet tomorrow! Good luck!!!

Michelle said...

Hey! I "worked" at WHHB too! My twin sister and I had the Friday night 6-9 shift in 1986. That was so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I just finished listening - you were great!
It's true that many of us have a challenge with encouraging our parents to adopt "greener" lifestyles, but also true that the older generation holds onto some habits that are probably more environmentally conscious than our modern equivalents.
Will you be back next week??

Diane said...

How cool!!! I would have listened too, but I just read this post today, after you were to be on the radio. I look forward to hearing how it went! Maybe you can post it on your blog??? I don't know what techie stuff goes into that.