Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Monkey Sea

My kids have some really green pets. The eat a drop of food every week. Their waste is so small that is is invisible to the naked eye.

As a kid I had sea monkeys. My mummy claims that they ate each other. I think that she forgot to feed them and they were just hungry.

In college I had sea monkeys. I went away for my month and a half on my winter break and my roommate forgot to add water. They evaporated.

This year Santa gave my kids a tiny, dried packet of their own sea monkeys. I think that Santa was probably thinking more of me. Those little monkeys are so darned cute.

Basically we started with what looked like one monkey. defying all laws of nature, two more monkeys appeared. Then ten tiny monkeys. Lately two of the monkeys have been, umm, attached to each other constantly. We are expecting new monkeys any day now.

The family also has a cat that we got from a no-kill shelter. Quinny the cat bathes herself. Therefore she uses little water. She has eaten organic food since our neighbor lost their cat to tainted food. Quinny has recently started using a no-clay litter. Is it strange that we are trying to green-up our cat too?

With all of the talk of green pets, how are your pets going green?


dolphyngyrl said...

The last time I bought litter, I got the non-clay kind, too. I have no idea if it's any better, environmentally or not. Actually, I kind of forget why I even bought it over the regular stuff. SweetPea says it looks like the "crumbs" on crumb donuts.


Erikka said...

are sea monkeys really real?

Gruppie Girl said...

Sea Monkeys are totally real.

OK, it is weird that they come dried in a paper pouch and then they suddenly spring to life in water.

I wish that I could get a picture of an actual sea monkey, but I'm not that advanced.

Sea Monkeys are small and white. They look like they have a million legs that are constantly moving. They start out really teeny, tiny. I have one that is nearing an inch long.

I also have one sea monkey that looks like it may be pregnant. Time will tell.