Thursday, February 28, 2008

Radio Update

After a few comments and quite a few emails I thought that I would update everyone on my radio debut.

Here it is;

Because I am such a worrywart/spaz, the kids and Hubby went out to my in-law's before the show started. The house was quiet. I even called the phone company to figure out how to suspend call waiting. I didn't need a beep right in the middle of my radio debut. (*70 if you were wondering) So I paced around the house trying not to think about the radio show. I succeeded in not thinking about what I was going to say, but my nerves failed miserably.

Greener living with Dr. G. premiered with a bang. It took me five minutes of hitting redial to get through for my chat. Gary wanted to talk about the time when my mummy sprayed furniture polish and Lysol and the carbon monoxide detector went off. I segwayed (because I am such an old pro. wink.) into talking about how my parents who rarely eat organic and use chemical-laden cleaners are probably greener then me. It's all about consumerism baby.

I was able to get through the hello fine. Hopefully the listeners couldn't hear the weird giggle/gasp right afterwards.

My time on the radio zoomed by. I maybe talked to five to seven minutes.

The show is online here. I am in the second hour about 20 minutes in counting commercials. I am not sure if the commercials were recorded too. Personally, I don't even like having my picture taken so I don't have plans on listening.

Thank you to everyone for their support! I will let you know if Dr. G. calls me for another Gruppie Girl segment.


Diane said...

YAY!!! I listened. Thanks for posting the link! You did a great job. I think it's really something that us bloggers can get out there and make a difference without working for a newspaper or television, etc. I checked out Do you post there? I've never heard of it before, but it looks like a cool site.

Again, congrats on the great job!

Gruppie Girl said...

Diane~ You are so sweet to have listened to the radio show!

AllGreen is a new quarterly Green magazine for Connecticut. Dr. G. found me on one of the editor's blogs. Not on the AllGreen website like he mistakenly said.

I did contact AllGreen to see if I could get my blog added. I haven't heard back from them yet.