Monday, February 25, 2008

They're Baaaacck!

It's Rectangle time at Girlie's school. Can you hear the disgust in my typing?

The Rectangle people have PTOs all over the country in the palm of their hands. "Buy our products and we will give money to your school." We need the money, so we buy their products. Oh the humanity!

The parents at this otherwise idyllic school still have not learned how to clip on the dotted lines. The picture of the scissors must not have been a big enough hint. Again, I lost feeling in my right arm while endlessly clipping.

I would like to send a big, sarcastic thank you to the parent who sent in a slimy hot dog wrapper in with their rectangles. I enjoyed having my stomach lurch. Another thank you to the family who sent their rectangles into school in a baggie that still contained snack. Yummy.

The rectangles are due to corporate headquarters on Wednesday. The school is $50 short of our goal. Think that I can beg to make-up the $50 by tomorrow?

As much as the PTO does wonderful things for all of the children at the school, I can no longer abuse myself as the official rectangle clipper and counter. I have given my notice to the PTO Grand Po Ba. Some poor kindergarten parent is in for a real surprise when they step-up next year.


Erikka said...

what is a rectangle? do you mean a coupon?

Gruppie Girl said...

Rectangle is my code for Box Tops. You can find those little Box Tops on the tops of pacakges of granola bars, cereal and cookie mix to name a few.

My Box Tops have all been clipped, counted and mailed. I am free at last!

Green Bean said...

Hah! I'm in charge of Campbell Soup Labels for my son's school. Isn't it just such a joy. I cannot wait to move! Besides, we don't eat any of those things!