Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coming Home

Today I'm blogging remotely from the Boston suburbs.

Since my mummy has gotten sick I have been back and forth a lot. Tomorrow is a big day for mummy. We are meeting with her oncologist to talk about the best way to beat this nasty cancer.

It feels good to come home. See familiar things, eat familiar foods, fall into familiar patterns.

A few weeks ago I blindly drove from Connecticut to Boston to seem my mummy in the hospital. I found myself turned around. (Big surprise in the unnavigable Boston) Suddenly I pooped-up in Kenmore square. Fenway Park, the Citgo sign, zillions of college students....and I felt like I was at home.

Home is where everything is OK. Home is where everything works out. Boston made me feel like everything was going to be OK for my mummy.

Even though I grew-up in the suburbs, I love Boston. You can walk for miles and miles and feel safe. Historical sites can be found wherever you turn. In fact, Boston was voted one of the top walking cities in America. (how very green!)

As a middle school and high school kid, my friends and I would ride the T into Boston to explore. In the garment district we bought clothes by the pound. There was a "way cool" Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. And of course there were college guys to check out.

As a new mummy, I would load Girlie into the backpack and onto the commuter rail. We spent our days at the Common . We watched the "Make Way For Ducklings" ducks being released. Rode the swan boats. Played at the playgrounds.

I always thought that my family would end-up living close to Boston. Circumstances like finances, work and life aimed the family at Connecticut. As much as I love where I live, it would be wonderful to have such an amazing city close by.

I love that dirty water
Oh, oh
Boston, you're my home
~The Standells


Erikka said...

Gruppie! You're in my 'hood. Lunch sometime...?

Jackie said...

Found you from Y's blog. I hope your mom is doing OK. I am also from the suburbs of Boston—living in SoCal now. Just thought I'd say hi.


Gruppie Girl said...

Jackie~ So glad you found me! Living in SoCal must be a big change from living in Boston. Just the weather alone!
Hi back to you!

You are a sweetheart! I would love to meet for lunch.
Next time I'm going to be there with a little free time I will shoot you an email.

Gift of Green said...

Oh gulp, please stop. You're making me homesick. If they ever take down that Citgo sign, I will go into serious mourning. And on a related note...our Celtics. I grew up with the Celtics and the Lakers (I'm dating myself), Chet and Nat, and Harvard Square. A large town with a small town feel. Sigh.