Thursday, April 3, 2008

Deer Season

Yesterday afternoon I was starving, stressed and tried. A bad combination for me.

Since I was sans kids for a few minutes, I ran into a local chain sub shop and ordered a tuna sub for my lunch. The sub maker was faster than fast and swished my sandwich promptly into a plastic bag.

With just one sandwich and two hands there really wasn't any need for the plastic bag. Not to mention the small size that would be nearly impossible for me to find a way to reuse it. And we all know that plastic bag isn't going to decompose any time soon.

The gruppie in me sprang to action as I politely stated that I didn't need my bag. I handed the plastic bag back to the sub creator and he...

tossed it in the TRASH!

A completely perfect, untouched by food plastic bag.

There I stood like a deer in headlights being nudged forward by the person in line next to me. I said nothing.


Not only I am completely peeved by the sub shop, I am more than a little peeved at myself too.


Erikka said...

these moments start with the inability to act, but the first time you DO say something will free you and from then on, you won't feel like a deer in headlights again. It's ok to freeze up. I think it's hard to think fast and respond accordingly in instantaneous situations. We just have to keep trying and we'll get better at it.

Jessica said...

What would you say, though? Unless someone is wanting to change, you can't MAKE them change. This is just the way it is, like it or not.

This bag issue is one of my biggest pet peeves, but I am realizing that it is not up to the folks behind the counter to save the bag-- it is up to me. I have to have the foresight to know what's coming and change the course of events before it happens, i.e. tell them right away I don't need the bag, or remember to keep my cloth bag in the car and bring it with me.

Just think of your experience as a lesson, rather than judging yourself or others because of it. Now you know more for next time!