Monday, April 21, 2008

Car in The Garage

Way back when I was a second grade teacher and my stomach was flat, I taught my students to create goals for themselves. Learning goals, sports goals, family goals...whatever they wanted to become more proficient in. Successful people like Michael Jordan have become successful by constantly setting goals. Why couldn't second graders set goals?

Do as I say, not as I do.

Personally, I am seriously stinky at following through with goals.

Take the goal I set back in December. "Cut back on sugar." (feel free to snicker)

Lunch today consisted of peanut butter pretzels coated in milk chocolate. For dessert, the kids and I had frozen yogurt. Bye, bye goal.

In honor of Earth Day and in response to my new found hatred for the Mass Pike and driving in general, I have made a five-day goal.

No driving.

"For the five days during the work week I solemnly swear to keep my car in the garage."

Today has been good. Two round trips to the school. One trip downtown for frozen yogurt and a stroll by the river.

Healthier earth. Healthier pocketbook. Healthier Gruppie.
Leg cramp Gruppie...Sunburned Gruppie...

(Let's hope this goal sticks)


Annette said...

I was laughing so hard at this:
Way back when I was a second grade teacher and my stomach was flat...
I almost didn't finish.

But I get what you're saying (do I ever!) Good luck meeting your goal!

Erikka said...

sometimes people set a goal too high and then give up if they slip. instead of saying "i'm cutting out all refined sugars in 2008" maybe you could lower the times you will eat refined sugars in a week. that way, you can have a manageable goal and once you see that you can actually do it, you'll feel so confident and positive you WILL cut them out completely.

the 5 day car goal sounds like a perfect goal to start.