Monday, April 7, 2008

Green Religion

Early on Saturday morning Hubby and I were knee-deep in Little Guy's mess of a room when the doorbell rang. Much to my surprise it wasn't a tiny neighbor. It was a pair of professionally-dressed women.

I opened the door to these unknown women only to be complimented on my "pesticide free" sign. Did their Prius break down and they were buttering me up in order to use my phone?

"Those who ruin the earth will in turn be ruined" was uttered as a supposed compliment. A bible passage that pertains to the green movement. Who knew?

Like every profession, door-to-door religious promoters may have had to change with the times. Have they jumped on the green bandwagon too? Are they tailoring their speech to suit who they perceive I am? Or maybe they have been green since the beginning (of time). Beats me.


dolphyngyrl said...

I may be cynical, but I think they're just good at reading people to their advantage.

Kind of like carnies and psychics.

Gruppie Girl said...

I completely agreee with you Dolphyn.

Wonder what they would have said to me if a different sign in the front yard.

Maybe I should get a "no solicitations" sign next.

Erikka said...

sounds like they were tailoring their approach to she said :)