Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Celebration

Happy Earth Day!

Today the family celebrated our own low-key version of Earth Day.

We began the day joining the neighborhood kids and skipping the school bus. We all took advantage of the weather and walked to school together.

Little Guy played soccer.

Both kids spent lots of time outside with friends. (I got a surprise sunburn)

Chatted with a neighbor about the meaning of my new flag. These seniors wanted me to know that they now line dry their laundry for the good of the earth and their piggy bank.

In the afternoon, the family walked to dance class. Grilie gave her teachers indoor plants to improve the air quality of their homes.

The lights, TV and heat all spent the day in the off position. (How I love April sun)

Basically, we spent the day enjoying what we already have.

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Erikka said...

what a great way to celebrate earth day! by not doing anything crazy, and keeping up the good work. you go gruppie.