Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Baby steps. My adventures in eating responsibly have come slowly.

First, there were my college adventures of figuring out how to cook in the first place. (Oh the horror!)
Next, I started looking towards more healthy foods and lots of veggies. (foods came in green too?)
Then, I found organic foods. (organic junk food is yummy!)
Finally, I discovered the local summer and fall farmer's market. (local ice cream sandwiches are amazing!)

Baby steps.

Today I took the plunge into a new level of responsible eating. I joined a local and organic CSA.

Farmer Mark from my local organic farm sent out an email announcing the start of their new Community Supported Agriculture or CSA. Basically each family who buys in owns a small part of the farm's bounty.

Hey, I "own" a farm. Do you think that would hold-up on my resume? Maybe I can work that tidbit into dinner party conversation. "Did you know that I own a farm...ladddy dahdddy."

This CSA has a work option. Members can exchange 70 hours of farm work for a share. My 7 year old is a hard worker. Can I sign her up to work 70 hours on the farm this summer? A free CSA share and a quiet summer...

June 19th is circled on my calendar. Salad and stir fry for dinner.

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