Sunday, March 30, 2008

Guerrilla Green

Something inside me has switched on (or maybe off). I have started using guerrilla tactics to make the world greener. I know it may be wrong. I know I'm not old enough to cry insanity. But I just can't stop myself.

Lately, when I have been invited into other peoples homes, I find myself unplugging appliances. Coffee makers, cell phones, fans, you name it. When the host isn't looking... POP. Out go the plugs.

In talking to friends and neighbors I have learned that the communication in our town is pretty sucky. Residents don't know what to recycle. No one is telling them how to do it. So in sweeps "Super Gruppie" (how can I make that name stick?). I have been posting flyers on public bulletin boards. What paper can be recycled, how to dispose of CFLs, when the hazardous waste days are. You get the idea.

My newest adventures in "guerrilla green" involves strategically placing green magazines. I have been leaving my pre-read magazines like Good, Mothering and occasionally a Kiwi in public places like the children's room at the library. While most of the mummy's in the library were reading People, Parenting and other fluff, they are beginning to pick-up some juicy reading that they may never have seen.

Can guerrilla greening change the world? I just may be too passive aggressive to ever know the answer.

I am officially throwing a new green term into the ring. Anyone else out there a guerrilla greener?


dolphyngyrl said...

Good for you! I'd love the magazine thing... The only subscription I get is PETA Times! Ha ha! I have no idea what kind of good magazines are out there, so finding one somewhere and having a read, that would be cool.

I think it's awesome about the flyers and helping people understand the recycling. Way to be a good neighbor!

Guerrilla Green... I like it!

Erikka said...

I think a combo of guerrilla tactics plus education and personal change DEFINITELY make a difference. You go gruppie :)

Maybe you should start a street newsletter or community newsletter for the people on your street. You could put green information and such in it...get more people involved once you get it going.

Ruth Dynamite said...

You go, Gruppie Girl! It'll catch on, but it'll take time. Keep at it!

Green Me said...

I never thought of it that way, but my husband is a guerrilla greener! He loves to "innocently" toss out tidbits about toxins in plastic, etc. in conversations at work and other places where people don't really know his agenda. His office complex doesn't recycle commingled containers, so his first move was to put up recycling containers. When they're full, he loads up his car and takes them to the public recycling center. More recently, he got permission from HR to purchase the supplies for their break room. Unbeknownst to his co-workers they now use recycled paper towels, non toxic dish soap, and so on.

Thanks for sharing this concept, I am now inspired to see what I can "guerrilla green" in my neighborhood!