Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Somehow I had the thought that I hate the winter stuck in my mind. Shoveling, car accidents, snow, cold weather, coats, boots. You get the picture.

Brilliant eighteen year-old me even decided to go way north for college. My pink jeans and flats didn't cut it up north. The day that I saw a dog walking next to me in the snow and his feet were at my eye level was the day I called my mummy up and begged her to send hiking boots, a flannel shirt and a heavy winter coat. Luckily for me, my college years coincided with the grunge movement. Those four years didn't change my mind about winter.

This season was a snowy one in Connecticut. My Little Guy really likes to be outside, so I signed him up for an outdoor adventure class at the local recreation area that we belong to. One week Little Guy went cross country skiing. He was over the moon!

Why couldn't the entire family embrace the snowy winter and all go cross country skiing. The trails are five minutes from the house. Skiing is free to members and they even offer rentals. No excuses.

The four of us went. And guess what? It was amazing! We were outdoors exploring the quite woods together.

The family went skiing the next day and a few days later and a few days after that. On Monday morning I even went by.

Now I'm hooked! (Disclaimer; you will never, ever catch me in one of those sprayed-on skiing suits complete with fanny pack) I treated myself to an early birthday present of a pair of skis, poles and boots. (only three more shopping days left)

Today my skiing dreams were crushed. This morning stared with lots of rain and the temperatures in the low 50's. The snow is melting fast and furiously. People are smiling with thoughts of Spring. All I can think about is the disappearing snow. I used to be a spring-lover. I can't be turning into someone who loves winter. I can't!

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Allie said...

Good for you! Cross country skiing saves winter for me. It's nice to celebrate the snow a little instead of just have to deal with the inconvenience of it.