Monday, March 10, 2008

Maple Syrup

Many, many bloggers have been taking the 100 mile food challenge. Basically, they pledge to only eat food that has travelled 100 miles or less to get to their plates. By doing this, these bloggers are not only supporting their local economies, they are also saving lots of energy and pollution from transporting.

To be brutally honest, I am way to cold, busy and tired to only eat food that has travelled 100 miles or less. Sure, it the late summer and fall most of my food comes from the local farmer's market. But in March? If I was a Bree I may have canned the veggies I bought last fall. But since I'm not, how can I start to eat closer to home?

Maple syrup!

The entire family took a little field trip to the local maple sugar house. The experience was like an episode of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood come to life. The farmer (is that what someone who taps trees is called?) came complete with a white beard and suspenders. We all got to see how the trees are tapped and watch the syrup being boiled. Ohhhh. Ahhhh.

My favorite part was the taste testing. Did you know that it takes 14 gallons of sap to make 1 quart of maple syrup? ~That's your fun fact for today kids~

Those sneaky "free" samples ended up luring me into spending the weekly food budget on maple syrup and maple foods. Those sneaky tree tappers.

Guess what's for dinner tonight? Pancakes at 6:15 for whoever is hungry!


Michelle said...

Sounds good, I'll beover in a few minutes. I've only been to one maple farm (Parker's in NH- don't ask me what town) but I love all the things they make out of maple syrup. I even got some maple sugar. I also picked up some Maple Liquor from the NH State Liquor store. Love, love, love anything maple!

dolphyngyrl said...

We're a lot more fortunate in terms of local produce... There's so much grown locally, and all year 'round.

I'm really not sure how other staples would work, though. Bread, soy milk, peanut butter, for instance.

Sarah Paquette said...

yum, maple syrup. I'm one of those people with several "sweet teeth" and don't mind snacking on maple sugar candy by the handful. I have yet to visit a sugar shack, but hope to do so soon. Apparently there are a few close to home. Thanks for sharing!