Friday, March 7, 2008

Right To Dry

This week the state of Connecticut discussed whether all residents should have the right to air dry their laundry. Many residents who want to help the earth and their pocketbooks are being told that their clean laundry is an eyesore. This seriously boggles my mind.

I taught my former second grade students that "water travels in a goes up as evaporation...forms clouds as condensation...then then comes down as precipitation...yes it does" (were you singing too?) Simple right? Not so simple when you add homeowners associations and landlords in the mix.

There was only one neighborhood in my childhood hometown that had a homeowners association. It was rumored that in all of the homes only white curtains could be hung in the windows and truck were not allowed to park in the driveways. I can't imagine that clotheslines were allowed. It all sure sounded crazy to me as a kid.

I am the first to admit that I am the official crazy lady in the neighborhood. The broken down car in my neighbor's driveway almost drove me to drink (more than I already do). A broken street sign will cause me to call the town's highway department. (friendly Maureen now knows me by name) And you know how I feel about Christmas decorations being left out past January 1st. Still, a clothesline looks beautiful to me.

Clotheslines evoke memories of summers on Cape Cod. Towels flapping in the warm wind. Going into Boston and seeing clogged clothes lines stretched above my head. Visiting my grandparents and watching Grandma Dot hang her laundry in the back yard. These are happy memories.

Back when my little ones wore their cute cloth diapers, I sunned the diapers on a drying rack three times a week. After moving to CT with my south facing front yard, the diapers sunned themselves in the front. No complaints from the neighbors.

Let's hope that Connecticut follows states like Florida and protects the rights of all residents to save energy and money. Protect your right to dry.

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