Friday, March 21, 2008

Girlies Compost Too

Girlie's local elementary school is not what you would call a "green school." Sure I read about wonderful schools where the students grow their own food in organic gardens, bring zero-trash lunches and the environment is always in the curriculum. How do schools fit in a green curriculum with all of reading, writing and 'rithmatic. This "retired" teacher would love to know.

Every month, the local school, hosts a sharing assembly. Each grade presents one part of what they learned over the past month to the entire school community. Songs about the water cycle, creative writing guessing games, spring song complete with sign language. You get the point.

Girlie's class has been studying composting. Guess what? My future environmentalist was chosen to write and recite the introduction for the grade's "Decomposing March." Picture fifty-seven or so seven year-olds chanting about the wonders of compost. I was in heaven.

After class, girlie's sweet second grade teacher pulled me aside to compliment Girlie's performance and to tell me that Girlie taught the teacher a thing or two about composting. How proud can a mummy get?

Does this mean that my Compost Princess will start bringing out the veggie scraps to the bin in the snow? I'll give you a hint. The answer probably begins with an "n."

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dolphyngyrl said...

Good for Girlie! And woohoo for Gruppie for raising such a smart, green Girlie!