Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cancer Cluster

Years ago there was a lot of talk in the news about "cancer clusters." Picture a map with a pin in the house of each person with cancer. Then picture lots of pins in a particular town or area. Most of these clusters are in highly educated areas. The cause of the majority of these cancer clusters is unknown. Scary stuff.

I am tossing another town into the cancer cluster mix. Holliston, Massachusetts.

In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that I am not a doctor or scientist. I do not wear white. (black is more slimming) My declaration is purely from my own, concrete knowledge.

After over a month of searing stomach pain, my mummy's doctor called with some test results. Malignant cells were found. The doctor is guessing the cancer may be colon, ovary or pancreatic.

This isn't Mummy's first brush with cancer. It isn't even her third. Her strangest cancer was the rare brain tumor that only had been documented in nine young children. This same brain tumor was found in Mummy's spine while she was in her 50's.

So many of Mummy and Daddy's friends in town have been touched by cancer. The energetic childhood friend who lost her battle with a brain tumor. The many, many friends who have battled breast cancer and won. The friend with throat cancer who moved and then the next friend developed throat cancer while living in the same house.

I'm scared.

I do my best to keep nasty chemicals out of the house. I do my best to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I do my best to move as often as possible. What if all of us keep doing our best to live healthy only to be whopped by some unknown force?


Erikka said...

Hey Gruppie -

It is a really scary thought to have no control over the outcomes of our efforts at trying so hard to live healthy...all you can do is live your life the way you want and see fit to...

this may be a pessimistic outlook...or maybe just the growing reality, but i think in my generation (the one after yours (or maybe two after) we will all face cancer personally in some form. it is just spreading...and more and more things are being found to cause some form, so it's nearly impossible to avoid cancer.

on a side note -

the sushi rice should be warm, but not smoking hot. once the rice cooker dings, let the rice sit there for awhile. It should be a little above room temperature, but not piping hot.

Ruth Dynamite said...

And I just re-watched Erin Brokovitch last night...

This is terribly scary and I will keep thoughts of your mom close at heart.

I think our entire country is in for a big wake up call regarding the toxic chemicals we're unknowingly ingesting from our air, water, and food - not to mention those leaching off plastics and God knows what else.

I will now go wrap myself in electrical tape.

que sera, sarah said...

I've had several people close to me die of cancer. The mere thought of it makes me so upset. We, too, eat fresh fruit and veggies, eliminate harsh chemicals from our home, and most of all try to de-stress as often as possible. Life can be so hectic most of the seems folks have forgotten what it is to relax. Stress kills! What I wouldn't do for a yoga session right now...why do pesky work schedules always get in the way?!