Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Spoonful of Honey

As I neared 30 my body started changing. Not so much in the fashion of Are You There God, It's Me Margaret but more like Golden Girls. I won't bore you with all of the symptoms because frankly I know you don't and shouldn't care. I do want to share that I developed allergies overnight to, well...everything.

My new found allergies had to have come from another case of my bad karma. Back in college I used to call my roommate "Paul". Like Paul the geeky, drippy nerd from the Wonder Years. My roommate "Paul" was allergic to everything.
sunglasses=sneeze (I think she made up this one)

Now I'm allergic to everything everything under the sun. Evil karma.

animal hair=itch
animal saliva itch

Basically I am allergic to indoor air and outdoor air. Not a pain in the butt or anything.

Since my sudden onset of allergies, thanks again karma, I have been searching for a way to heal my annoying itching.

Many have said that we as Americans aren't eating enough local food with local pollen. Without the pollen we are becoming allergic to foods and plants that we aren't supposed to be allergic to. People aren't supposed to be allergic to food that we need so dearly.

With the spring slowly creeping up, I am trying to trick my allergies by taking spoonful of local honey each day. My hope is that I can reintroduce the local pollen into my body and the allergies will disappear.

My brother taking honey. I'm giving it to the kids. I'm taking it when I remember. Maybe I should call "Paul" and suggest that she take honey.

Anyone want to place a bet on what "wonderful" changes will happen at 40...


dolphyngyrl said...

My allergies (to everything) have been lifelong and run the full gammut of allergy symptoms. I know all the recommended allergy avoidance techniques.

I practice precisely zero of them.

Hey! I love my critters, my open windows and going outside. Oh, well!

Heather said...

What about local bee pollen rather than honey? My thirties brought the joy of allergies also.

Gruppie Girl said...

Heather~I didn't know that you could just get the bee pollen. I will have to call the local apiary and ask about it.
Although, the sugar addict in my loves the sweet honey.

Riana Lagarde said...

honey and apple cider vinegar (salad dressing and tonic to cure all) yumm. i feel itchy think i'll have some right now!!

Erikka said...

at 40 = a sudden allergy to alcohol. :) it happened to my friend after she gave birth, not at 40. no worries for you there.

i would like to know what happened at 30. i'm nearing the mark myself...I should know what to expect right?