Monday, March 17, 2008


For over a year I was happily working out at the local YMCA. It was clean, frequented by lots of other mummys and had a playroom for the little munchies. I felt good and maybe even looked a little better too.

Then the green part of my brain stepped in.

In just driving to the YMCA three times a week I was traveling 84 hours per year. 84 hours! That was insane! So much pollution and wasted time. All so I could bounce around on an elliptical machine and possibly lift a weight or two.

After quitting the YMCA and months of performing "visual workouts", I finally joined the gym closest to my house.

It takes me 90 seconds to drive door-to-door.

Ninety seconds, to and from the gym, three times a week. That's nine minutes of driving per week. Four hundred sixty-eight minutes of driving a year. Only seven point eight hours a year. 7.8!

That is assuming that I drive to each gym visit. My goal is to walk whenever I can.

I went from 84 hours of driving to the gym down to 7.8 hours. That's 76.2 less hours of my station wagon spewing yucky pollutants into the air.

That's 76.2 more hours that I can work out this year....Nah! Probably not.


que sera, sarah said...

hehe! Good luck with that! Thank goodness my friends don't mind carpooling to the gym. It makes for some good conversation on the way!

Erikka said...

i like your efforts to be green in as many ways possible. you make the effort effortless seeming and personalize it to your needs. i wish everyone could see Going Green in a similar way.