Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Keep It Simple Stupid

Throughout life I have picked up a few pearls of wisdom that have really stuck with me.

On the drive up to college my mummy gave me the pearl, "never leave your drink unattended." I think that we could all benefit from that one.

While in college a teaching professor shared her one theory on teaching. "KISS". Keep it simple stupid! So I did.

I like to think my classes learned something....Time will tell when my former students start to graduate next year. Do you think that they remember how a banana gets to the food store, place value or the capitol of Cambodia?

Living green and living simple go hand in hand.

Simple food.
Simple housing.
Simple clothing.
Simple needs.
All equal a simple life. Right?

What about raising simple kids in the suburbs and planning their simple birthday parties when mummy was a party planner in her last life?

Not so simple, stupid.

I love to pick themes and run. Invites, cake, clothing, party favors, decorations, table...You get the idea.
There was Girlie's sixth birthday where we did a tea party theme. I collected antique tea cups from Freecycle and Salvation Army for the girls to sip from and ultimately take home. Then, there was Little Guy's fourth birthday complete with a tanker truck pinata, shirts and cake. Let's not forget Girlie's red party. Red snacks, red art project, red outfits and red gifts.

This year is a little crazy to say the least. After hubby's back surgery and my mummy's battle with cancer I am not interested in planing an elaborate back yard party. Little Guy has asked for a trash party (can you believe the irony?). He wants an arm trash truck to visit the house and give all of the kids rides. Little Guy must not have received the KISS memo.

This is the year to pull out one of the pearls of wisdom that is lurking in my deep dark memory. Keep it Simple Stupid.

So I did.

I went online and found the website for a local indoor moon bounce gym. I clicked. It is booked. That's it.

Let's call the theme this year "jump" and call it a day.


dolphyngyrl said...

heck, if I wasn't such a tightwad, we'd do all our parties at lazer tag. I love lazer tag! And letting someone else do it all? Kinda worth it.

Hope said...

So does that mean no cake this year :)

Gruppie Girl said...

I emailed you. How could I not want you to make Little Guy's cake? You do such AMAZING work!

I got out of this party real cheap. The cost of having a backyard party was getting crazy. Not to mention the endless cleaning.

I was entertaining the party guests, thier siblings and parents. That included food drinks and alchol for the parents.

Then you tack on the price of the moon bounce, pinata and art project. Ugh!

I have never played lazer tag. If you haven't guessed already, I'm a bit of a girlie whimp. Although, I'd be willing to give it a try

Anonymous said...

I must have pulled up your blog because I was looking for ideas for my soon to be 3 year old birthday party and he wants a garbage party also! Unbelievable. How did you son do? I've booked the trash man and I'm looking up ways to make a garbage truck pinata. The things we do for our children! - Lisa mother of two boys with many trash parties ahead!

Gruppie Girl said...

I'm so glad that you found me. It's tough to want to be green while you Liltle Guy loves trash and big trucks.

You booked a real, live trash man to come to your sons party? Can I come? That sounds like fun!

I wimped out this year and kept everything simple. My Little Guy has invited his friends to an indoor jumpy place. No trash this year....

Anonymous said...

Hi. Yes, we booked the trashman, in exchange for a "tip". I also decided to make iron-on trash truck t-shirts. I'm really not this domestic, but when I started to look for garbage party material there was a shortage and I came up with too many ideas too early! Now I'm knee deep in planning.

Actually, my son is pretty "green". He seperates recycling from the trash and 'enforces' it on others too! I like your blog!