Monday, December 31, 2007

September Resolution

Doesn't it seem like everyone in the world is talking about New Year's resolutions? The neighborhood brunch the family attended yesterday was ripe with talk of resolutions. It got me thinking. Why haven't I ever made a New Year's resolution?

When I was little the year seemed to begin with September when school started. When I went off to college, school began in September. As an adult, and a teacher myself , school began in September. Now that I am home with the kids, September still feels like the start of the year as they climb aboard the school bus.

Even my date book begins in September.

September just feels like a new beginning. Anything is possible. That is when I make my resolutions. Not after Christmas in cold, dark December like the rest of the world.

As for my resolution answer at yesterday's brunch. Not an exciting one when it comes to small talk. Cut-down on sugar.


dolphyngyrl said...

I've found that I prefer "goals". It seems like most people are making "goals" instead of resolutions, anyway, and "goal" makes it a little easier to not feel guilty if you aren't perfect the entire time.

And Happy New Year!

Erikka said...

It may not be big in words, but cutting down on sugar is a HUGE effort on your part. You go lady! Happy new year.

Gruppie Girl said...

Erikka~I was just reading your post with a handful of chocolate chips. Where is my willpower?

Dolphyn~I like your idea of "goals." It makes the change seem more permanent. And as something to work towards not just something that happens immediately.

Hope said...

I just saw the comment you left and was so excited to see you are writing a blog again. Isn't it wonderful?

PS. I'm guessing that your resolution isn't so good for me :)

Gruppie Girl said...

I would eat every bit of your profits if I was you. Ohhh, the sugar.

And your frosting. I dream about it. May can't get here fast enough. :)