Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Pox on Your House

My hope was for Little Guy to catch chicken pox before he started school. My wish may have come true!

This morning Little guy had a two little dots on his neck and one on his chest. Not unusual for someone with such sensitive skin. Now, it seems that the dots are multiplying and Little Guy is feeling very tired.

Many have forgotten what it is like to have Chicken Pox as a kid. A few itchy days in bed with lots of TV and then it's done. Lifelong immunity for most. My best memory of the pox was receiving a stuffed mouse from my dad. He called me "the mouse of the house."

Pox as an adult can be dangerous.

Chicken pox vaccine does not equal immunity. Many kids need booster shots every few years and even then they can often catch and pass along pox. What is going to happen when these kids grow-up to become adults? What if they are not up to date with their vaccines and they catch chicken pox?

Off to spend a snuggly, snowy day with Little Guy.


dolphyngyrl said...

My favorite memory from when I had chicken pox was the afghan. My mom had this afghan that my grandmother had made for her. Mom put me out on the couch with strict instructions NOT to scratch, and then laid out the afghan.

Oh, how I adored rubbing my itchy body on that scratchy afghan! So good!

Now that afghan belongs to me and is my favorite naptime blanket.

Yay! :)

Erikka said...

I was 5 or 6 when I got the Pox, so I can't really remember much. I think I had them at the same time as my neighbor did.

Diane said...

Wow, I didn't realize that the chicken pox vaccine doesn't even take care of them for life! I want to learn more about vaccinations. Such a huge topic! I got chicken pox twice. Twice!!! What a bummer for me. The first time was very minor, so I guess it didn't do the trick. Second time, I was still a kid, thank goodness!