Monday, December 17, 2007


In yesterday's Consumer section of the Hartford Courant there was an article about "greenwashing."

The Courant defines greenwashing as "the act of misleading consumers into believing that a company's environmental practices or its services are environmentally-friendly."

What a great word to describe what I've been seeing everywhere! Greenwashing. Greeenwashing. Greenwashing. Greenwashing. It just rolls off of the tongue.

Working Mother Magazine (I picked it up while waiting for Girlie's dance class) rated Windex as one of their top 10 green products. Seriously? Windex is green? I can't wrap my brain around that one.

My Mother-in-Law bought a bottle of Poland Spring water in their new "Eco-Shape Bottle." How can a plastic bottle be "eco" anything? I'm scratching my head.

It seems like everywhere I turn products are suddenly "green" and "earth friendly." What is a consumer to do? It is already tough enough to wade through labels, company histories and boycotts to buy what is best for my family. Now I have to step-up my research game. Good thing Little Guy starts Kindergarten next year. I'm going to need some more free time.


Erikka said...

I agree about the added stress. I just don't want to be a consumer anymore!!!

dolphyngyrl said...

So I went to get some coffee at the WalMart, and you know what they had? They had Yuban in Organic and Fair Trade varieties. In the small cans. Not the big cans.


We have a store downtown, though, and it's 100% organic. Everything from food to toiletries to cleaning supplies to alcohol. They do all the research, and prove it's organic before they sell it.

Which makes things so much easier for indecive little shits like me!

amanda said...

"greenwashing" is the perfect word for it. I just ound your blog and I'm enjoying reading it.